Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Abergavenny 31st October 2015

Ran the MV for macros on 31st October and trapped only 4 moths, of which 2 were new to us. Very pleased to see the lovely Merveille du Jour and also a nice specimen of Sprawler which is apparently not very common in Gwent.

Blair's Shoulder-knot x 1; Merveille du Jour x 1; November Moth agg. x 1; Sprawler x 1

Mike & Val
Merveille du Jour



  1. Sprawler is an excellent record - I've only had one here at Dingestow in nearly 20 years of trapping and we are surrounded by seemingly ideal Oak parkland. Not as pretty as Merv, but I know which I'd prefer to catch :-)

  2. Well done Val and Mike, a nice set of moths, of which both I've yet to see.
    We have Oaks reasonably close by so maybe a fair wind may divert one of them to the trap one day. Here's hoping.
    I read that the Sprawler is one of those moths that does not feed.

  3. I spoke too soon - after my comment on 5th November that I'd only seen one Sprawler at Dingestow in 20 years, I found one this morning (6th November) under our porch light!! I'll post photos soon.