Monday, 12 October 2015

Micros, mines etc

I haven't had much time for Gwent moth recording in recent months, but a few sessions with the MV at Dingestow and recording a few mines during the daytime have tempted me to join this Blog as well as the Carmarthenshire one (where I'm ashamed to say I have posted a few Gwent sightings).  Recent highlights have included Orange Sallow to MV (2nd Dingestow record), mines of Bucculatrix cidarella on Alder by Dingestow Court Lake (amazingly only the 2nd VC35 record), mines of Stigmella tiliae on Tilia vulgaris at Dingestow Court (5th VC35 record) and mines of Stigmella aceris on Norway Maple at Hadnock Road new for Wales (see Carmarthenshire Blog posting and my Twitter account).  I'll try to post more regularly as autumn progresses.

Please can Gwent moth'ers continue to trap whenever possible as there are still good late migrants to be recorded.  I haven't caught many here yet, but did enjoy this well-marked Pearly Underwing on 3rd October.

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  1. Good to see you posting on this blog Sam, even if your catches are making me a bit jealous :-)