Monday, 21 September 2015

17th September

Had trouble sleeping overnight to the point where I just had to get up. Decided I would take a casual walk through the town very early this morning.
A few moths were still around including this one.
I mistook it to be Acrobasis advenella at first, a faded one at that.
After downloading my camera onto the computer when I had got back from my walk I started to realise it was something else entirely.
A quick look through the micro book I have and Nephopterix angustella looked favourite.
The raised set of blackened scales seems to be a good pointer.

Sent off a few pictures to Sam Bosanquet and he agreed.
He also added 'just a handful of records' exists for this micro in Vice county 35.
Having a look at the on-line MMBG micro maps for this species, shows only 2 squares have been shaded.

Just been on the NBN Gateway map for this species and I could not see hardly any recorded 'red dots' for the whole of Wales.
Does anyone know if many records exist for species in Wales at all?

1465 Nephopterix angustella -Spindle Knot-horn


  1. There are a few Welsh records, but Sam has most of them!
    Jake & MCP had it at Bull Cliff, Barry which does not yet appear on this map.

  2. Thanks for information, so relatively uncommon and restricted to the south and southeast at present.

  3. The first for VC35 was Adrian Hickman's in Usk in 1998; I caught 7 at Dingestow between 2003 and 2007; the last record was one caught by Keith Jones in Undy in 2014. Four of the records were in the immigrant year of 2006, and I wonder whether it would be possible to match the SE Welsh records of this species to immigration events.


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