Friday, 7 August 2015

SDR 6th August 2015

Cycling to work alongside the SDR near Newport Stadium, I noticed something on the cycle-path that could have been a caterpillar. I braked and came back to find it was a hawkmoth caterpillar in quite a mucky state. It was bright green, so I imeadiately thought it must be the green form of elephant hawkmoth caterpillar, but on closer inspection there were no false eye-spots. There were black and white stripes along its flank. It was a Privet Hawkmoth caterpillar. It was obviously looking for somewhere to pupate. I emptied out some grapes from a small tub I had for my lunch and put the caterpillar inside. I've always wanted to see a Privet Hawkmoth, but this one was far from the specimen I had imagined, but a great record never the less and hopefully I'll be able to see the adult when it hatches out next year.

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