Sunday, 16 August 2015

Redhouse Barns and The Cross 11th Aug

I ran the MV at Redhouse and a Skinner Actinic in a large ditch filled with Reedmace approx 1km to the west. I first checked the Skinner and recorded 18 species, including an Elephant Hawkmoth, 2 Small Wainscots and 2 Crescents. I was disappointed not to catch any Bulrush Wainscots which I had caught here 2 years ago. This was the 2nd time I had tried here in 2 weeks.

The Crescent
Back at Redhouse I recorded 40 species, including one Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing and an Old Lady.

Old Lady

On the night of 12th, I ran the Skinner Actinic again, on a Reedmaced-up ditch approx 0.5km south of Redhouse and recorded one Bulrush Wainscot.

Bulrush Wainscot

August 19th is exactly 20 years since I started moth trapping, when I ran a trap at Crymlyn Bog NNR with my friend Martin J White. I arranged to trap there again on Wednesday, so I'll do a post on what we catch.

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