Friday, 12 June 2015

Redhouse Barns 11th June 2015

I ran the MV and recorded 184 moths of 27 species, including 87 Small Square Spots, 25 Heart & Darts, a Clouded Border, a Light Emerald, 2 Silver-Y's, 11 Large Yellow Underwings, one Dark Arches, 2 Clouded Bordered Brindles, a Cloaked Minor, 2 Rush Veneers,a Blood Vein, one Agapeta hamana and 2 Scorched Wings.

Some of the 87 Small Square Spots

Surprisingly there were no hawkmoths. I live in hope of catching a migrant hawkmoth one day at Redhouse Barns - the trap is visible from the sea-wall, although its approx 1 km inland. Over the past 4 days I have seen 4 Painted Ladies from Uskmouth to Goldcliff and in-between. Also the first Meadow Browns have appeared.

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