Thursday, 18 June 2015

11th June
Near Livox, Wye Valley

A bit of a late post but thought it was of interest regarding the migrant theme as of late.
Went looking for butterflies mainly and found 29 butterflies of just 4 species.
Common Blue-26
Grizzled Skipper-1
and the migrant's
Painted Lady-1
Clouded Yellow-1
There was also a 'super-charged' Humming-bird Hawk-moth racing flower to flower.
Could not get a picture of this guy but thought two out of three ain't bad.

Also for the attention of George Tordoff and Steph Tyler.
Found 4 Bee Orchids in full bloom!
Although fairly uncommon I believe, the most astounding thing for me was where they were.
If plotted on a map they would very nearly form a straight line running about 200 yards in old measurement.
Consistent wind direction and seed dispersal perhaps?

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