Monday, 2 February 2015

15th-31st January - Chepstow
Out of the cold and into the hibernate.

No trapping sessions have been conducted here at Chepstow so far this year but none the less, a few micro moth sightings have created an interest inside the house.
Note: Common micro moth names listed in brackets.

A second micro Psychoides filicivora (Fern Smut) has been sighted- the first ever for the site was recorded just a few months ago.
Also a new addition to the site here was Depressaria daucella (Dingy Flat-body) on the 15th January.

Depressaria daucella (above)

Another important new species that has been registered here was confirmed by Sam Bosanquet last year on 25th October 2014.
The micro Mompha sternipennella (Kentish cosmet) turned up.
Further sightings of this Nationally Scarce B moth have taken place in January 2015 on the 21st and 31st.
Most importantly Saturday the 31st provided two specimen's to look at and photograph in separate rooms.So not just an isolated case.
One of the moths seems deep in hibernation whilst the other is partially active.

Such is it's size, the Mompha sternipennella pictured above is set up against can you believe -wallpaper! 



  1. Looks like I'm going to have to start dissecting my Mompha subbistrigella's.

  2. What is a 'Fern Smut' by the way?

    1. Fern Smut is a micro moth. I have just used it's common name, I find it easier for me to identify instead of the latin name Psychoides filicivora, hence the common names in brackets of the two pictured.
      There is a picture of one of the moths 'VC41Moths' on a post dated 24 November 2014 last if you are interested on seeing what it looks like.

    2. Thanks Nick - I'm familiar with Psychoides, just not it's English name!