Thursday, 29 January 2015

Invitation to be "archived" has been accepted

Many of you will know that the National Library of Wales (NLW) invited the MMBG Group to participate in the UK Web Archive by archiving the Group's web site and blog.  I am pleased to say that following consultation with contributors, this blog together with MMBG's web site, will be archived and the NLW's invitation has been accepted.

By way of background, the UK Web Archive is a partnership between the National Library of Wales, the British Library, JISC, and the Wellcome Library, to preserve website for future users. The NLW identified this blog as an important part of Wales’ documentary heritage and as such wanted it to remain available to researchers in the future.

Having now accepted the NLW's invitation, archived copy of our site will form part of the NLW's permanent collections and through the websites of both NLW ( and the UK Web Archive (, thereby increasing awareness of our sites among researchers.

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