Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 review

We've been trapping moths on a weekly basis since 29th March 2014 in our garden at Abergavenny. We use a Skinner trap with an MV bulb.
Since starting we've identified 1173 moths comprising 130 different species. Our findings have been sent to the County Recorder who has also helped, from photographs, with the identification of some specimens we were having problems with.
The most common species caught during the year was Large Yellow Underwing (176 specimens), followed by Heart & Dart (148 specimens), followed by Dark Arches (104 specimens). The most prolific night was 24th July when we trapped 162 specimens. We caught only 7 specimens in November, and none in December. We record all our data on a spreadsheet and take a photograph of all new species.
Prior to March, we had no knowledge of moths and find we have learned a lot during the period but realise that as yet we have only just touched the surface of this interesting subject.

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  1. Likewise here Val & Mike.2014 has been my first full year trapping all though first got into the moths in july 2013.My birding plays second fiddle to the moths now.Enjoy making my own traps too. Twitter is a good place to get id help there are a lot of knowledgeable people on there who offer good advice too. Look foward to reading your future posts & photos. Good luck for 2015.