Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lighthouse Park

Gen-det results just back this morning confirming this as Mompha bradleyi a first record for vc35. Taken with MV trap at home on the 30th October.


  1. Now go and find the galls on stems willowherbs - you should have both divisella and bradleyi, and they can be recorded without dissection!

  2. Thanks for the info.... Am still waiting to trap a M divisella .

  3. Hi,
    Out of interest, Can either of you explain to me what is meant by 'you should have both' ?
    I have already recorded one of the species above mentioned.

  4. Nick
    I took "you should have both" as i should get both in my garden.still need to record a M divisella.

  5. Thanks Melvin, that is exactly what I was concluding, and by the way well done on the record.

    I guess both micro moths live in harmonious existence amongst their food plants of 'types of Willowherbs' so that makes sense.

    I've seen Mompha Divisella here for the last 2 years- I think it has turned up around March/April time on site, probaly after hibernation if that helps.
    Will be looking out for Mompha bradleyi from now on if the above applies.

    Best of luck with M. Divisella, Melvin.

  6. Thanks Nick..... I will keep my eyes open in March/April may be lucky enough for one to drop in the trap.