Thursday, 2 October 2014

Goldcliff 1st October

Inspired by Mel, I put an actinic Skinner trap next to a large stand of Marsh Mallow in Goldlciff last night. This morning I could see a Mallow Moth on the outside of the trap. I was worried it would fly off before I could get a photo, but I need not have worried - unlike most Geometers, they are not flighty. I got a photo of that one, but was then surprised to find another 6 in the trap!
Neil Horton caught 6 Mallow moths in his garden in Usk - all singletons and the last one being in 1983. Despite the massive increase in trapping effort all over the county, none were caught for over 30 years, until Mel's a few days ago. I've being trying to catch them at Goldcliff for around 13 years. I may have been trying too early in their flight season - most of Neil's were caught in late September or early October. Of the 7 I caught last night, 6 were very fresh looking and only one was worn. Still no Marsh Mallow moths though!

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  1. Seven Mallow moths now thats a right result....after 30 odd years of not showing up strange how they turn up in dont think i have ever inspired anybody.....