Saturday, 25 October 2014

Imperial Park

Very few moths about this week while on the night shifts then this morning found this Merveille du Jour under the works security lights.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Lighthouse Park

Ran the mv for a few hours tonight very hard going temp down to 8° clearing sky and heavy dew down by midnight....just 12 moths of 6 species 3 Cypress Carpets were nice...NFY were Green-brindled Crescent and Blairs Shoulder-knot.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mallow on Mallow

Seven Mallow moths to actinic Skinner trap, next to large stand of Marsh Mallow, north end of Fisher's Gout at Goldcliff last night. Pictures attached. The first  shows a Mallow moth on Marsh Mallow.

Kevin Dupé

Goldcliff 1st October

Inspired by Mel, I put an actinic Skinner trap next to a large stand of Marsh Mallow in Goldlciff last night. This morning I could see a Mallow Moth on the outside of the trap. I was worried it would fly off before I could get a photo, but I need not have worried - unlike most Geometers, they are not flighty. I got a photo of that one, but was then surprised to find another 6 in the trap!
Neil Horton caught 6 Mallow moths in his garden in Usk - all singletons and the last one being in 1983. Despite the massive increase in trapping effort all over the county, none were caught for over 30 years, until Mel's a few days ago. I've being trying to catch them at Goldcliff for around 13 years. I may have been trying too early in their flight season - most of Neil's were caught in late September or early October. Of the 7 I caught last night, 6 were very fresh looking and only one was worn. Still no Marsh Mallow moths though!

Seaview 1st October

Still enjoying the fine weather! Ninety-six moths from 19 species last night; new for us this year was a Blair's shoulder knot. More interesting perhaps is the attached photograph which we think is a Delicate. Any comment?
Diana and John