Saturday, 28 June 2014

Reddish Light Arches (not) at Reddish House Barns, Goldishcliff, 26th June.

I ran the MV at Redhouse Barns, Goldcliff on 26th. I found 7 elephant hawkmoths and one poplar hawk the next morning. The best moth was a reddish-light arches, which is only the 2nd County Record. Its been pointed out that this moth was actually a clouded-bordered brindle, so its a reddish face for me!
I also did the butterfly transect on 24th for the 3rd week running. I was amazed by how the numbers of narrow-bordered 5-spot burnet moths had dropped from over 200 a week before to just 13 this week, with similar weather conditions. It shows just how short the life span of some adult moths is. The 13 I saw all looked very dull and warn.
Ringlets had increased from a handful to over 100. Today I also saw them on the Gaer Fort and also at Malpas, so they seem to have spread all over Newport. I saw 1 marbled white on the transect at Uskmouth and 3 scarlet tigers. On the Gaer Fort there were 8 marbled whites today.

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