Thursday, 10 October 2013

Chepstow- 21st September

Late news.

A trapping session that was conducted last month on the 21st September in Chepstow had two moths pending identification.
The 'unknown' turned out to be a Lesser Yellow Underwing whilst the other, a micro, was confirmed by Sam Bosanquet several days ago as Enarmonia formosanus (Cherry Bark Tortrix).

Enarmonia formosanus has been recorded in Vice County 35 before but only on rare occasions.
Sam informs me that this only the 7th county record of this moth, however it likely to be an under-recorded species.
It tends to feed upon trees like Rowan, wild or ornamental cherry, and possibly plum with a particular liking to mature apple trees.
This one was caught late in its flight season as it tends to be mainly seen through the summer months.

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