Friday, 11 October 2013

Chepstow 7th October
News update- rarity turns up
A small micro with a big meaning!

The unknown micro that turned up in the trap on the of the 7th October at Chepstow was not found in any moth books covering the UK.
The reason Sam Bosanquet Micro Moth officer for Gwent informs me is it's because it's a migrant- and a very rare one at that.
It turns out to be Etiella zinckenella.
Etiella zinckenella has only been recorded in the British Isles 12 times since the 1990's so for this one to turn up in the trap was lucky 13 for me. Another specimen apparently was caught at Portland the same night on the south coast.
Etiella zinckenella (Lima-bean Pod borer)
A first for Wales
Sam also informs me that it almost certainly a first recording of this micro moth in Wales.
The nearby county of Glamorgan certainly has no records of it.

It's distribution in Europe is mainly in the southern and eastern countries of the Continent, but on rare occasions when the wind and weather condition are right the moth turns up here in the UK.
It also resides in the USA where it is considered a bit of pest in Southern California where the larva bore their way into Soy beans and Peas. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Chepstow- 21st September

Late news.

A trapping session that was conducted last month on the 21st September in Chepstow had two moths pending identification.
The 'unknown' turned out to be a Lesser Yellow Underwing whilst the other, a micro, was confirmed by Sam Bosanquet several days ago as Enarmonia formosanus (Cherry Bark Tortrix).

Enarmonia formosanus has been recorded in Vice County 35 before but only on rare occasions.
Sam informs me that this only the 7th county record of this moth, however it likely to be an under-recorded species.
It tends to feed upon trees like Rowan, wild or ornamental cherry, and possibly plum with a particular liking to mature apple trees.
This one was caught late in its flight season as it tends to be mainly seen through the summer months.

Chepstow- 7th October

Temperature Low: 13.5c, 56f.
Weather Conditions:
Partly cloudy at first then overcast with patchy spots of drizzle, mild.

Ran the trap in the hope that a few extra moths may be around given the milder conditions and it proved to be a good call as many species turned up with a few 'new' additions to the site.
41 moths of 17 species were recorded with the break down of the catch listed below:

Light Brown Apple Moth (9) Blair's Shoulder-knot,
Common Marbled Carpet (8) Narrow-winged Grey (2)
Lesser Yellow Underwing (2) Silver Y, Light Emerald (2)
Large Yellow Underwing (5)
Vestal, Willow Beauty, Red-green Carpet (2)
Angle Shades, Double-striped Tabby (2)
Beautiful Hook-tip, Straw Dot and Cypress Carpet
Plus an interesting unknown micro?

New for site were Vestal, Cypress Carpet, Straw Dot and Cypress Carpet.
The micro does not appear in any of my books but is new.
 Double-striped Tabby (Hypsopygia glaucinalis)
Beautiful Hook-tip (Laspeyria flexula)
Cypress Carpet (Thera cupressata)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Lower Ochrwyth - 8 October

With cooler nights imminent, I ran the MV and at last trapped a Merveille du jour. I say at last, because this is the first time I have caught the species in the garden - so well over due. Also trapped were: Diamond-back Moth, Silver Y, Blair's Shoulder Knot, Yellow line Quaker, Snout x2, Common Marbled Carpet x15, Spruce Carpet x 4, Red-green Carpet x4, Rosy Rustic, The Chestnut, Straw Dot and Light Brown Apple Moth x2. 13 species, 31 moths.
Merveille du jour
Blair's Shoulder-knot

Monday, 7 October 2013

Black Rock - 7 October

A return to Black a Rock by Kevin, Sheila and myself to see if we could catch a few migrants - we did. Dark-sword Grass (x5), Rush Veneer (x11), Silver Y (x7) and Vestal. We also had Straw dot, Large Wainscott, Green-brindled Crescent, Angle Shades (x2), Commom Marbled Carpet (x6), Vine's Rustic, Barred Sallow (X12), Set. Hebrew Character, Snout (x2), Shuttle-shaped Dart (x2), Willow Beauty (x2), Brimstone (x2), Red-green Carpet, Large YU, Broad bordered YU, Acleris ?; Figure of eight, L-album Wainscott (Kevin has suggested possibly only 3rd county record). Totals: 22 species; 63 moths.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Goldcliff, 2nd October

I ran the MV trap and recorded 35 moths of 13 species. NFY were a Large Ranunculus and 5 Blaire's Shoulder-knots. The catch also included 14 Beaded Chestnuts, a Lunar Underwing and a Bordered Beauty.
The camouflage of the Large Ranunculus on the concrete wall of the barn was superb.

Large Ranunculus from a distance

Large Ranunculus close-up

Bordered Beauty

Blaire's Shoulder-knot

Open invitation - moth trapping at Black Rock, Sunday 6 October

We'll be doing a spot of trapping at Black Rock picnic site near Portskewitt, Chepstow this Sunday evening. Should be on site about 6.45pm - feel free to come and join us.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lower Ochrwyth - 1 October

Ran the MV until the rain started at about 10pm. There were several new for the year: Green-brindled Crescent ab. Capucina, Large Ranunculus, Flounced Chestnut, Svensson's Copper Underwing, Yellow-line Quaker and Red Underwing. There were also x4 Barred Sallow, Red-green Carpet, Spruce Carpet, Light Emerald, Large & Lesser Yellow Underwing, Common Marbled Carpet, Snout and Set. Hebrew Character.