Saturday, 3 August 2013

Uskmouth Reedbeds 1st August

I ran a new type of battery powered trap which uses special LED's which emit UV light. It uses much less power than a flouresent tube type of actinic trap and I had been told that the catches were far superior, but I was a bit sceptical.

In the morning I could see quite a few moths outside the trap including 5 drinkers and a mouse moth which I haven't seen for around 8 years. When I opened the trap I was a bit over-whelmed! There were hundreds of moths!

Mouse Moth
There were dozens of wainscots and  I identified and counted:
18 silky wainscot, 55 brown-veined wainscot, 64 southern wainscot, 1 obscure wainscot and 1 twin-spotted wainscot. There were also a total of 15 drinker, 2 dark sword-grass, 4 small rufous, 1 antler, 2 ruby tiger, 31 common/lesser common rustic, 1 Chilo phragmitella, 2 dingy footman, 4 large yellow underwing, 1 July high-flyer, l lesser yellow underwing and 4 least yellow underwing.
Some of the bumper catch with Drinkers, Brown-veined Wainscots, Southern Wainscots and Silky Wainscots.


  1. Very interesting Kevin - was the light source the Goodden GemLight?


    1. Hi George,
      the trap was made for me by a friend of a friend. I'll find out more details and post them here and in the Silurian. I understand that the LED's are used by dentists for drying fillings etc.

  2. Hi there
    Very interested in any info etc.
    Top prices paid for a setup :)
    A great catch and one I wouldn't have expected from even uv leds.