Friday, 23 August 2013

Chepstow- 20 August
Conditions- Mostly cloudy, occasional cloud breaks, dry.
Temperature Low- 12.7c.

83 moths of 32 species turned up in and around the trap.
They included:
Brimstone Moth (4) Large Yellow Underwing (5) Flame Shoulder (7)
Lesser BBY Underwing (15) Copper Underwing (2) Common Marble (2)
Shuttle-shaped Dart, Bird-cherry Ermine, Magpie Moth,
Light Brown Apple Moth (2) Silver Y, Common Grass-veneer (4)
Mother Of Pearl (6) Willow Beauty (7) Small Pheonix, Lime-speck Pug,
Knot Grass, Marbled Green, Garden Pebble,
(Possible) Twin-spot Plume (2) Early Thorn, Ruby Tiger,
Double Square-spot (2) The Spectacle, Yellow-barred Brindle (2)
Common Carpet, Flounced Rustic (4) Rustic, Wax Moth,
Square-spot Rustic (2) Triple-spotted Clay and Lychnis. 

Lime-speck Pug (Eupithecia centaureata)
Triple-spotted Clay (Xestia ditrapezium) 

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  1. Excellent photo of the lime speck pug - it is very fresh and looks amazing close-up.