Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Newport Wetlands 22nd July

I put out my 18watt actinic Skinner trap on Goldcliff Pill hoping to catch a crescent striped. This morning I turned over 3 of the 4 egg trays without success. Turning over the 4th revealed one crescent striped and I jumped with joy. This saltmarsh specialist is perhaps the most important moth to be found at Newport Wetlands. It would be interesting to discover its distribution around the rest of the Severn Estuary.

Crescent Striped
I also caught a female oak eggar and a small rufous.
The MV Robinson trap at Redhouse has been jam-packed with moths over the last 2 weeks of trapping. There have often been over 70 species and it has taken about an hour to ID and count all the species. Most notable catches have been 2 double lines on separate nights and a crescent dart. The markings on this moth (which was new to the county a couple of years ago) are absolutely stunning!
Crescent Dart

Tonight I am running 3 traps at Newport Wetlands ready for my "Moths in the Morning" event. A Robinson at the Visitor Centre, a Robinson at Redhouse and a Skinner actinic in the reedbeds. Hope to see you there!

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