Friday, 12 July 2013

Home Farm, Caerleon - 6th – 12th July

Highlights over the last week have include:

6th  Grey Dagger, Spruce Carpet,
7th Clouded Brindle (NFG), Dingy Shears

Clouded Brindle

8th  Scarlet Tiger, Small Fan-foot, Cloaked Minor (NFG)
9th  Clay, Barred Yellow, 2x Coronet,

Barred Yellow

10th  Cabbage Moth, 2x Grey Arches
Grey Arches

11th Common Emerald, Light Arches, Common White Wave, Beautiful Hook-tip
12th 2x Lackey, Clouded Silver, V-Pug, Blomer’s Rivulet (NFG)

  Clouded Silver

Blomer’s Rivulet

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