Saturday, 8 June 2013

Skenfrith - 7 June

As part of targeting areas of the County where there are few records, a trip was made to Skenfrith village and St Bridget's churchyard.  The night produced 46 moths of 26 species:

Green Carpet (x7)                                        Alder Kitten
Sandy Carpet                                               Heart & Dart
Flame Carpet (x4)                                        Common Pug (x3)
Common Carpet                                           Brimstone (x3)
Broken-barred Carpet                                  Common White Wave
Clouded Magpie                                           Nut-tree Tussock
Bee Moth (x2)                                              Scalloped Hazel
Flame Shoulder (x5)                                     Coxcomb Prominent
Pale Tussock                                                Swallow Prominent
Alder Moth (x2)                                           Pebble Prominent
Lobster Moth                                               Barred Umber
White Ermine                                               Small Quaker
Spectacle                                                     Buttoned Snout

Many thanks to Jean Prosser of St Bridget's for allowing access to the church grounds and for alerting neighbours and to Sheila, Fiona and Beth who helped on the night.  

Barred Umber

St Bridget's at Skenfrith

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  1. Looks like you had a great night! Wish I could have come too. Some moths I haven't seen before or haven't seen for ages -barred umber, buttoned-snout, clouded magpie. Seems like a good place to trap, hope to come next time.
    Love the photo with the church!