Thursday, 6 June 2013

Seaview Moths 5th June

Last night was a rather breezy night (14-20mph according to my weather app) but there were still plenty of flying insects. There were also several bats flying around so our trap must have been something of a snack bar! Two Cockchafers ended up in the trap, which are the first I have seen round here for years.

We caught 30 moths of 14 species including a first Elephant hawkmoth of the year, two Burnished brass, a Knot grass, two Spectacles and the first Dark arches of the season.
This is a good spot for Dog’s Tooth moths- there were six in the trap this morning. There was also a Brown silver-line, which is surprising, as I don’t know where the nearest bracken might be, the moth looks tatty so perhaps it has flown or been blown some distance

We also caught a rather beaten-up moth that we couldn’t confidently identify. Is it a carpet, a May highflyer or something else?

Any comments gratefully received :-)

Brown silver-line

? ID

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  1. Very worn but perhaps a Common Marbled Carpet?