Saturday, 22 June 2013

Black Rock - 21 June

A second visit was made to the Black Rock picnic site to help fill in the gaps in local knowledge of this part of Monmouthshire.  The final catch for the night was 65 moths of 28 species including:  Elephant Hawkmoth (x5); Flame Shoulder (x7); Flame Carpet (x2); Broken-barred Carpet; Green Carpet; Silver Ground Carpet; Common Marbled Carpet (x5); Clouded Silver; Ingrailed Clay (x2); Heart & Dart; Shuttle-shaped Dart; Straw Dot (x3); Light Emerald (x3); Middle-barred Minor (x3); Marbled Minor (x2); Udea olivalis; Yellow Shell; Willow Beauty; Buff Ermine; Small Fan-foot; Set. Hebrew Character; Small Phoenix; Common Pug; Nettle Tap; Plum Tortrix and the only migrant for the night, a single Silver Y.  Kevin with net in hand, also worked the saltmarsh  immediately to the east of the picnic site and recorded 12 moths of 8 species including Blood Vein.  

Thanks to Monmouthshire County for access to the site and to Kevin, Sheila, Fiona and Beth for working the traps.

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