Friday, 21 September 2012

Newport Wetlands 20th September

I ran 2 traps - an actinic Skinner at Uskmouth and the MV Robinson at Redhouse Barns. At Uskmouth I was hoping to catch a Bullrush wainscot and put the trap next to a reen with lots of reedmace. However, I was disapointed this morning. The catch consisted of a Canary-shouldered thorn, 2 Light Emeralds and a Frosted Orange. I had probably left it a little late in the year.

Canary-shouldered Thorn
The Redhouse Barns trap proved more successful with 43 moths of 16 species. NFY at this site were Dusky Thorn, Centre-barred Sallow, Frosted Orange and Red Sword-grass. The latter moth is only the 2nd one I have seen of this species. Its a really impressive moth. It mimicks a broken twig and even has the annular rings at the 'break'.
Red Sword-grass

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