Friday, 10 August 2012

Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve 9th August

I put out the 15watt Actinic Skinner trap in the reedbeds on Thursday afternoon. This morning there were 25 species. The most obvious moths were 2 female oak eggars on the outside of the trap.
There were also 2 males inside the trap.

                                                     Oak Eggar       Drinker         LYUW

Oak Eggar (below)    Large Yellow Underwing (above)

The most significant moths were the variety of wainscots which included: brown-veined, 4, twin-spotted, 3, silky, 2, and southern, 6.

Twin-spotted wainscot

Brown-veined wainscot

I also ran the Robinson MV trap at Redhouse, catching 60 species. NFY were 2 knot-grass, a copper underwing and 2 canary shouldered thorn. There were also 2 cocolate-tip and 2 straw underwing.

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