Saturday, 21 July 2012

Gaer Fort, Newport. 20th July. No ghost moths or ghosts.
3 generations of Larval Web ran an MV over the Golla's (local name for Gaer Fort, derived from "Golf links"). Soon after setting up the generator and trap at about 10pm, a local family (3 generations) came along walking their dog and toddler! They asked what we were doing and I said "guess". The man said "trying to attract ghosts?" I said "yes, how did you guess?" They said they had seen lots of ghosts and had loads of photos, but nobody believed them!
Surprisingly, no ghost moths came to the trap. We only stayed til about 11.30pm. Only 12 species, but these included an antler moth and 5 sharp-angled carpets. Unfortunately, I didn't have my "Macro moths of Vice County 35" list or a camera. Looking at the list today, it says that a photo is required as sharp-angled carpet is "uncommon", so this won't be accepted as a record. Lesson - always have the list and always have a camera. I'll be going back over the Golla's on Sunday night to try to catch some more sharp-angled carpets, luckily its only 100m from my house.

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