Friday, 30 December 2016

Shirenewton and Chepstow

More examples of leaf mines were found at both Shirenewton and Chepstow on the 24th and 27th of November respectively.
These leaf mines were found on Elm leaves at both locations and involve the work of micro moth Stigmella ulmivora or Barred Elm Pigmy.

Quite a few leaves were collected and photographed.
As you can see one leaf contained two larvae to help identify the species.
However in this case things were more difficult to determine and not straight forward.
I had to check and in some cases re-photograph all the other leaves and find out as to where the larval emergence holes were- a difficult process!
Thankfully they all were the same being the upper side of the leaf.
As for records apparently there are very few at just 5 or 6 only prior to these finds.

Late November at Howick and Shirenewton.

As it has gone quiet on the blog I thought I would 'put up' some things of interest that happened several weeks ago but considered fairly important by Sam Bosanquet.

They involve leaf-mines.
I touched on leaf-mining last year but this year I have made a big effort to try and understand the process and identify some 'Leaf miner's' with help from Sam. It is difficult but rewarding when you get a few correct!
The two Leaf mines shown here are on Lime and Oak.

The first example on Lime leaves was found both at Howick on the 19th November and near Shirenewton just five days later on the 24th.
The micro Stigmella tiliae or Lime Pigmy larvae was at work here. (picture below).
It has been found in the vice county to the NE and SE, but Sam informs me it is scarce in Wales overall.

Stigmella tilliae mines

The second micro in larval form, called Stigmella samiatella or Chestnut Pigmy, was found by pure chance in an isolated copse at Howick again on the 24th November in a 'green' Oak leaf that had been blown down by the winds a day or so before.
In fact several examples were found in Oak leaves on that visit, although I believe it can also be found 'mining' Sweet Chestnut leaves.

 One example of Stigmella samiatella 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

6th December and 23 December Moths

The "heat wave" prompted me to run 2 traps last night. I ran the MV at Haisbro Avenue and Redhouse Barns. At Haisbro Avenue there were 10 December Moths, one Mottled Umber (melanic), a Chestnut and 4 Epiphyas postvittana. At Redhouse there were 13 December Moths, one Angle Shades, one Feathered Thorn and 2 Epiphyas postvittana.
This evening there was a Cypress Carpet on the kitchen door.


Not seen a moth for the first 6 days of December. The work security lights turned up a Winter Moth, December Moth & this Dark Sword-grass on the 7th.