Sunday, 28 February 2016


My January & February mothing at home has been hard going. Even the security lights at work "Imperial Park" have not been very productive.

With a total of just 17 moths. 8 macro & 2 micro species recorded.

Mottled Umber x 2
Oak Beauty x 3
Angle Shades x 1
Pale Brindled Beauty x 2
Early Thorn x 1
Dotted Border x 2
Hebrew Character x 1
Chestnut x 2

Acleris Hastiana x 1
Common Plume x2

Wind & rain and more wind & rain being my only excuse....

Roll on spring.
                                      Oak Beauty

                                 Acleris Hastiana

Saturday, 6 February 2016


25th January
It was a mild day on the whole for January on the 24th getting to 13.1c here in Chepstow. Variable cloud amounts overnight into the 25th saw the temperature fall to 7.5c, which was again not too bad for this month. 
Prompted by the milder phase I though I would chance a walk around the town and given I've not seen too many moths around in the months of January or February I felt this might be an good opportunity.
Luckily I was rewarded with my efforts by managing to find a few moths.
Pale Brindled Beauty and 2 Dotted Border were sighted along with an out-of-season Double-striped Pug and a long deceased Buff Ermine.
This is second time in a month I've come across Double-striped Pug.
I do wonder if the exceptionally mild December and warmer than average January may have enticed this species out early?