Sunday, 5 January 2014

Out with the old......

With 2013 behind us, I thought a short look back might be appropriate. The overall number of moths recorded at Lower Ochrwyth during the year was 2,667, of 275 species comprising 204 macro and 71 micro. In comparison to 2012, there were slightly fewer moths with 2,913, however, overall there were 13 more species - 10 macro & 3 micro. There were no significant species in the garden, but nevertheless there were several highlights including the first Eyed Hawk and Merveille du Jour - both well overdue.

The top 10 species are shown below - the only Micro included being Light Brown Apple Moth, coming in at number 9 jointly with Snout. Seven of the species also featured in the 2012 top 10 and therefore I have included their previous rank and number for comparison. Three species saw a dramatic decline in fortunes between 2012 and 2013 and no longer featured in the top 10: Small Fan-footed Wave crashed from being the 2nd highest species being trapped in 2012 and went from x116 to just x17. Mother of Pearl (x29) also saw a significant decline having previously been the 7th most plentiful species and went from x64 to x29 and finally, Dot Moth was 10th in 2012 with x52 individuals being trapped but just x11 were trapped in 2013.

Common Marbled Carpet (x202) - 2012: 1st (x145)

Flame (x131) - 2012: 9th (x54)

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (x113)

Common Quaker (x104)

Heart & Dart (x90)- 2012: 6th (x71)

Flame Shoulder (x88) - 2012: 3rd (x112)

Brimstone (x84)- 2012: 7th (x64)

Small Phoenix (x57)

Snout/Light Brown Apple Moth (x48)- 2012: Snout 8th (x60)

Large Yellow Underwing (x40)- 2012: 5th (x84)

The new season has started with a December Moth turning up at the outside light last night. Good luck to everyone in 2014 - with the start to the year we have had, let's hope that not every species is washed away.....