Monday, 31 December 2012

Lower Ochrwyth - last post of 2012

With the year now almost at a close, I thought a short look back might be in order.  It's already well recorded elsewhere that 2012 was a very poor year for moths.  Despite a promising start in the first few months of the year the wet weather soon set in and persisted - species and numbers were well down on previous years.

For Ochrwyth, the overall number of moths recorded during the year was 2,913, comprising 262 species - 194 Macro & 68 Micro.  I don't have fully comparable records for 2011, but on a quick comparison with what was recorded it is clear that a number of species were "missing" - some 30+.

Despite the gloomy weather, there were nevertheless several highlights including a Dark Spectacle on 13 August, which was only the fourth county record in thirty years; Semioscopis steinkellneriana being possibly only the fourth county record; and, a number of new species for the garden including a Herald (tucked away in the roof of an outbuilding), Large Ranunculus; Gothic and Cyprus Carpet.

The top 10 species for 2012 are shown below - the only Micro included being Mother of Pearl, coming in at number 7 - joint with  Brimstone.

Top 10 species recorded in 2012
Common Marbled Carper (x145)
Small Fan-footed Wave (x116)
Flame Shoulder (x112)
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (x109)
Large Yellow Underwing (x84)
Hart & Dart (x71)
Brimstone/Mother of Pearl (x64)
The Snout (x60)
The Flame (x54)
Dot Moth (x52)

Happy New Year everyone - let's hope for a better year for the moths!

Hark the Herald!


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Wainscot sp ?

A little help please.
Too small for Large(?) and the pale underwing has dots along the border.The moth is still with me.